Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keeping Crafty

Since leaving school I have had to take a desk-job to counter the after-effects of going two years without an income. At times it feels as if staring at the computer screen is slowly shriveling my soul into a rasin (at least it's not a chickpea). To help keep my hands busy with something I took some quilting classes to get me back into sewing until I can do some woodworking again. Here is the result:

Not bad for my first, although looking at the photos here I see some not very straight seams, heh. Its probably the most colourful thing I own.


  1. It just goes to show, talent is talent, no matter the medium...

    Clever way to keep sharp!

  2. nice work barbara...seems to me the next wood project should be a quilt rack!-; )
    happy holidays.

  3. Hi barb,
    sorry to hear that you can't woodwork. From what I seen your of work (awesome), I hope Santa will bring a project your way.

  4. Barbara, congratulations on getting into FWW's Reader's Gallery! Well Done!