Saturday, February 27, 2010

View From My Bench

I have a great view from my bench that changes every so often.

From this:


To this:


I wonder what I will see when the Gilmer's order arrives?

Glass, Brass and Silver

It is getting down to the final details left on the cabinet itself and I have been fighting that lagging feeling that comes from working on a project too long. Something I am starting to learn is that the longer one takes to finish a piece the more dents one puts in it.
All that negativeness aside, there are a few things that are keeping my motivation up enough to get this finished. I met with a local woman that works with silver to help me with the pulls for the doors. Should be installing them next week! She has been so great to work with and her stuff is amazing
The stand is also underway and going relatively quick, will post photos of that next time.

 Doors being fit to cabinet.

Placing the mullions between the two panes of glass in the doors.

The glass is held into the frame with wooden "pins" fastened with brass nails.

Same method is used for the glass in the side panels.

When mocking up the cabinet I didn't put the mullions in the doors. As per Robert's suggestion and seeing how well they worked in my bench-mate, Steve's, glass-font cabinet, I threw some strips of wood in there to see how they would look. I am happy with the result, they really help the spacing around the cabinet flow.