Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kwila Stand

The stand has been started now and was going relatively quick. As soon as I started to sense some real progress happening, I came down with a nasty cold and haven't been able to work on it for three weeks. Here it is so far:

The very first rough mock up, just to get the height and proportions right.

The cabinet will be seated into the tops of the legs and be attached with brackets to two stretchers from underneath.

Had to spend a bit of time straightening the grain in the Kwila.


 Marking out the cuts to get rift-sawn material for the legs.

I managed to get all the straight-grained pieces needed but can't help feeling guilty for all the cut-offs. If I can drag them around with me I guess they can be accessory material one day.

Aprons cut to length and ready for mortises. The Kwila has been great to work with so far, it cuts really clean.

Tracing the leg shape from a template to be roughed out on the band saw.

The mortises in the legs had to be different lengths and depths to prevent the tenons from running into eachother from either side of the leg. Steve showed me a little trick using wood stops the thickness of the difference between the two mortises to prevent having to do additional set ups on the XY.

The secondary aprons were doweled as the joinery would only allow for really small tenons anyway. Using a dowel centre to locate where the hole is to be drilled.

Tenons fit.

Earned a gold star!

Next will be faring the legs before taking the thickness down on all the aprons to create a mild step between them. Then I will be milling up the centre aprons and laying out where the cabinet will be set into the legs. After that will be finishing, glue up, attaching the cabinet and done!


  1. Heh you get a gold star!
    That's some nice looking Kwila, where'd you find that?
    WOW out for 3 weeks from a cold!?! That sucks, or blows, or lames...?
    I was hoping I might make it out in May but I'm not going to be able to make it. I'm planing on getting to Toronto for the show there. Hopefully with a new project... have my doubts I'll be done it time already though. Maybe I'll find a way to bring my cabinet.

  2. That's an interesting way to get the grain pattern you want - I've never thought of reshaping a board tp rotate to the face you want!

  3. wooooaahhhhhh. im so mad i cant find kwila here needs some kwila!

    i guess thats 12/4 stock you "drift sawed"? i havent had to resort to chewing up 12/4 stuff to get legs or anything, i've always managed to find board with enough riff to i just saw that stuff out, but im sure the day will come...

    dont worry i feel guilty looking at this wedge of flatsawn stuff im left over with!


  4. Nice looking piece! Good looking wood!