Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some progress photos of the last few weeks. Not as far as I would like to be of course, but the goal is to be wrapping up by the end of January. I was happy to have at least had it to the point where it somewhat resembled a cabinet for the open house.

Gluing the frame members together around the panel. The open part will be glass.

The frame around the glass was joined with mortise and tenon. The piece framing in the rear of the panel was doweled.

Panels finally glued together and doweled to the top and bottom.

The applied edges around the edges of the top and bottom were very thin to stay consistent with the slight steps between the frame members and panels and sides to the top and bottom. The doweling position had to be very precise as just 1/32" would have thrown the steps all off and/or exposed the Sycamore from the interior.

Had to be careful positioning the hinges for the same reason.

 Roughing out the flipper-floppers.

 The big glue-up, Jason taking pictures and asking me to pose.

With Steve's help, and despite Jason's distractions, it went very smoothly.

Went to take a photo and found this surprise on my camera...


  1. The cabinet's looking awesome Barb. Congrats on a successful glue-up, I know what a stress that can be.

    You're lucky that's all Doug left a picture of on your camera. Tell him to get a nose hair trimmer.


  2. that cabinet is looking pretty boss, is it gonna be on a stand?

  3. I like those small steps between the frame members and panels!
    Heh I was picturing the leaves coming from the back of the cabinet for some reason.

    Are those Olive flipper-floppers!? I want some Olive! ... and still want some lemon/boxwood... and more Apple... and... and...

  4. Distractions! You told me that the glue-up would only go well if I was there heckling you. Ha!

    Nick, everyone keeps talking about those steps, they are very fine, consistent and deadly.

    Gluenemy Dingess