Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some More Slow Progress

I had some trouble getting momentum back after Christmas break, but I am reaching the point where the finished piece doesn't seem too far off. After a few days of planing and flattening the back-panel it was glued in and work began on the frames for the glass doors.

Cutting the rabbet on the shaper, I didn't set up stops to prevent going all the way through the ends of the styles, thought I'd be careful enough not to need them. A one-second daydream later, I had some patching to do.

Frame members fixed and ready for glue.

Poor unfinished cabinet collecting dust and feeling neglected.

Taking the glass shelves for a test run, realized that my measurements were a little off and I will have to reorder them. This time I will use templates to be sure that they will fit as the cabinet is more out of square than I thought. The glass cutter did such a beautiful job on the edges, will have to find another use for them.

Junior (a classmate) was working on a new counter for the Gumboot Cafe that is next to the school. He asked me to do a boot in marquetry to compliment the parquetry he did with Maple veneers. The boot was done in Rosewood and the Edges in Walnut. The counter top looks great in place but I think they will have to do something with the rest of the counter to do it some justice.

Does anybody else find formatting posts in blogger crazy frustrating? Just me?


  1. I heard a few people talking the creek today about the beautiful new shelf in the cafe. They loved the design, the woods used and the boot. Great job.

    Your cabinet is coming together great Barb.

    You were incredible generous with your time today, and I wanted to make sure I said thank you for the help with my glue up.

  2. Impressive work Barb! Zowey! (Zauxiou) I miss that little one prancing around.
    Yeah, the stops... Using the shaper/router isn't my favorite thing and it's a bit tedious, so I can get side tracked too. I always try to use stops simply so I don't have to worry about it.
    I had a dream last night that I came to the Creek for a visit but instead of Vancouver, Portland was in its place ha. Well it wouldn't be bad to only be one hour from Gilmer!

  3. i mean this is the nicest way possible, but i like hearing other peopel make mitskes, it makes me feel better when i make them! and hell do i ever make a lot of them!!

    that cabinet is looking great by the way! i see you're making the doors after the cabinet is together, whys that?

    i also stole your design kinda and am making a cabinet thats similar to yours, i hope you dont mind =)

  4. Sometimes the cure for these mistakes turns out better than the original plan. My white oak media center got some nice walnut inlays due to one of those mind wandering mistakes. I am glad I'm not alone in this.