Friday, January 20, 2012

No More Excuses...

...except for being trapped behind a computer all day to generate the funds to be able to set up shop. Amazing how draining a desk job can be.

Anyway, below are some photos of our workspace as set up as it is going to be for now. There are still a few things that need tweaking and I don't know if everything has found a permanent place yet or not. I guess it is an evolutionary process that only really happens once one starts using the space. Otherwise I am sure that we could spend another year setting up.

Machine Room

There are issues letting go of off-cuts, even other people's.

We were the benefactors of a friend's recent move to the opposite coast. A pile of local maple.

Said friend's leg.

More adopted wood and future kiln site.

My corner.

Setting up seemed endless, and are still many things that we need, but I know at some point you just have to start working with what you have. Having not known any other shop than the one at school it is hard to separate the 'needs' from the 'wants'.
After so much time going by, rough milling some wood to make sawhorses was super exciting, and the more time I spend here the more my hands start to remember what to do. I am going to officially start work the same way I started the first days at school, sharpening!


  1. not sure how I feel about you showing off my leg.
    good to see you are getting going. I hope I'm not too far behind you.
    put all that wood to good use.

    looks good, congratulations

  2. Barb, nice pics. We celebrate the completion of your new shop all the way back here in Minnesota. Congratulations! Looks like a great space for you to focus your creative energy. I like the little nook for the scroll saw. Now... build, build, build. Can't wait to see what happens next! ― Craig

  3. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys. Seeing this makes my day! It looks awesome and you're right, once you begin working with what you have it seems that a few creative solutions quickly replace what is missing from the IP shop. Tell Michael the drywall looks great!

    I always thought Junior had nice legs so I'm glad to see him finally getting some recognition...

  4. and then Byron said "Sweet jumps. Nice work guys!"

  5. Heh I'm a jealous guy these days. Nice shop and machinery Barb!
    I hear ya on the job front. Very difficult to find something that isn't terribly draining yet pays the bills.
    Good luck to you guys!!!
    Now show me a new project! ;)

  6. Oh! this is a dream shop! congratulation! When i clean up mine i'll post photos as well.

  7. This is an awesome setup. carry on and go ahead.