Friday, October 9, 2009


A big load of wood came to the shop a few weeks ago which included several big planks of curly sycamore. After scrubbing one of the planks, I soon decided to use it for the interior of the cabinet.

It took a long time to decide on a wood for the exterior that would go well with the sycamore. I kept avoiding the boxwood as it was unimpressive at first glance and quite pricey, but after revealing what was under the plain, rough surface, it turned out to be a perfect match.
Sadly the boxwood turned out to be pretty wet still. The first few slices were checked and almost curled off the bandsaw. It is in the kiln now. It feels like I sent it to the hospital, checking on it every day, making sure it is getting better, hoping for a speedy recovery.


  1. Boxwood!? Who got that there? Enough for the whole cabinet!??? Is it European Boxwood or Castella Boxwood?
    Ps love the title "shopping" ha.

  2. Steve found it at A&M. Apparently they had a lot of it there. The planks are just over 6" wide and 3" thick. It's Castella Boxwood. The grain is beautiful and it has a subtle but intoxicating smell.